Welcome to Mebi County!

Greetings, traveler. This is my place where I'll talk about and share my stuff here and other things. Venture around in this here county, and I hope you'll feel cozy.

I've been programming since 2015, first starting off with Scratch. Around 2020-2021 is when I started to learn Lua. It was not until 2023 when I started learning HTML and CSS after seeing a Tumblr post that led to Neocities. Now, I just enjoy maintaining my website and adding more stuff.

Most of the site's code here is written by me. Feel free to use the code to help you make your own website! I know you can do it!


Site last updated:


  • Added three sites on the Sites page.


  • Slightly tweaked the OCs page. I might begin to work on and archive some information there.
  • Added a site to the Sites page.


  • Added more sites!
  • Rewritten the About Me page again.


  • Added a Christmas theme to the site! It might not be good for now, but I'll improve it later!
  • Added some sites in the Sites page.


  • Added a sitemap.
  • Replaced the TF2 Heavy placeholders in the 404 page.

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